First of all I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all the parents who have shown an interest in MPS. Madhusudan Public School (MPS) has been one of my most cherished dreams which is now on the threshold of its completion in terms of education. At MPS, we enable children to excel their hidden potential by exposing them towards diverse opportunities. We teach them to be confident, creative and independent. We believe that education is the tool which alone can inculcate national and cultural values.

We have started digital class in which we use innovative teaching-learning aids that makes learning simple and interesting for students. We believe that education mainly begins at home where parents play an active role by developing the willingness among the children to study and learn. So parents should understand the priority of their children and their dream.

We have been providing ample opportunities to all our students and children are made to derive the best benefits for their overall personality development. Our education aims at ¬†development of 3H’s - Hand, Head and Heart. I believe that the healthy learning environment in MPS makes the school just the right place to ensure joy and smile on student’s face to light up the nation.

B. K. Hindwar